Advocacy & Liaison

  • Media Campaigning to create a positive and protective environment for girls/women and bring mass awareness on the threats of trafficking, child marriage and female feticide.
  • Advocacy and liaison with parliamentarian and critical stakeholders for the implementation of the Laws and Action Plan pertaining to the rights and protection of girls/women and children.
  • Orientation of Law Enforcement Agencies and local systems including PRI Members on Community Policing
    Good Practices Sharing Workshop for giving Bravery Awards to girls/women who had shown splendid enthusiasm for social change.
  • Across the district to state networking with NGOs and CBOs for crisis intervention
  • Convergence with multi stake holders on the issue of girl child rights and protection.
  • Convergence with Child Protection systems/ mechanism

Marginalized section vulnerable Girls/children get opportunity to interact directly with the officials and representatives of Child Protection systems. They learn how to interact and do direct advocacy for their own rights. Officials and representatives brief them on the functioning and role of child protection systems. Local volunteers also keep in regular touch with the officials/ representatives regarding the different program implementation. Officials and representatives usually get involved as resource person, trainer or guest during the activities.


One Night Bride…. Documentary movie on girls trafficking
Special intervention