Community Mobilization and Ownership

Community Safety Net

We have found some people in the community very supportive, whereas some have opposed and made multiple attempts to create obstacles in our way. Sometimes the villagers do not understand that in present days exploiters have used new & different techniques to attack the girls. Our task is to equip and enable the community and make it responsible for the sake of children and girls in the aim of creating an environment for daily based interactions with the target beneficiaries.

This is a community based vigilance structure consisted of different section local village people primarily works for providing local protection to girls/women and children from trafficking and violence. CSN also provides local security to victims and vulnerable. It and also helps in rescuing the girls from the clutches of the traffickers. Trainings and orientation are given to CSNs on preventive measures girl child & women rights & protection.

CSNs perform as watch dog. It contributes in functioning of the activities of Bhoomika Vihar at grass root level. It acts for bringing the sense of social responsibility and ownership through community mobilization and involvement


Information Dissemination
A. Innovative behavior change communication tools in simple language with local vocabulary are used to bring mass awareness and connectivity on gender and rights
  • Folder
  • Poster
  • Book- let
  • Stickers
  • Message painting {on rickshaw and walls}
  • Flex- board
  • Audio / Video
  • Gender Games
  • Comic Campaigning
  • Poster Exhibition
  • Signature campaigning

The materials are pictorial to draw the attention of the masses. Innovative BCC Tools are also developed adopting “Experiential Learning Process”

B. Cultural shows using folk art
Cultural shows are the popular methods of drawing the attention of the villagers. Nukkad Natak (or street theatre), dance- drama, folk songs, and mimic are used to increase the understanding of the people on care and protection of the rights and dignity of the children/ girls. The performances are developed in folk and regional languages for better reach out to the target population either it’s literate or illiterate.
C. Oath Ceremony and Signature Campaign
It is a joint effort taking oath against child marriage, trafficking and other forms of violence against girls/women. Panchayat representatives, School teachers, girls, adolescent, parents, child protection systems and representatives of welfare schemes get involved to a common platform for developing rights protecting measures for girls.
While taking oath they also sign in a common board where messages related to preventive measures are written.

One Night Bride…. Documentary movie on girls trafficking
Special intervention