Economical Empowerment

  “I was not literate enough to understand the word “business.” Survival is very tough for a single mother. It increases if you have a girl child. Counseling given by the team of Bhoomika Vihar developed the level of confidence. I fought and today I with my girl child am leading a dignified life. Bhoomika Vihar has given me the recognition.”
Social Counseling

The survivors are often traumatized. The victims of trafficking and violence are given counseling to help them deal with their trauma and to build confidence of at risk populations. Counseling services help them to recover mentally and socially as well. Regular follow up takes place to ensure that they are not re-victimized.

Social Rehabilitation of the victim and vulnerable of trafficking and violence
Retaining the lost dignity…. Becoming Daily Earner

Medical treatment {if need required}, care, education, cloth, food, legal assistance and financial support are provided to rehabilitate the victims to their own social boundary. To make them self reliant, they are linked up with income generating activities. Children of victims get education and other support, need required to survive. Victims and their children get involved with other program activities for community acceptance and assimilation. If the victim is of young age, mother can access the livelihood opportunity.
It’s tried to develop entrepreneur skills among the women to promote social and economical rehabilitation. We help women learn how to manage money to multiply their small business. Multi- disciplinary services to the women reduces the vulnerability of victimization or re-victimization

Local Market Based Income Generating
Girls/ women as per their present skill, knowledge and capacity are involved in following sectors-

  • Snacks & Tea Stall
  • Hawking and vending of cosmetic items
  • Stall or Shop of domestic items
  • Goat or hen rearing
  • Business of seasonal vegetables
  • Kitchen Gardening
  • Trade of handmade mud utensils
  • Organic Farming
  • Hand Made Agro Products
Tailoring & Designing
Vulnerable girls get training on sewing, cutting, weaving and tailoring to develop the skills.  Training enables to girls to earn at daily wise.  There are number of young daughter-in-laws living in the village who due to lack of alternative and skill are vulnerable for the exploiters. Through this effort we try to involve the young daughter-in-laws of the village.  They get opportunity to come out of their four walls and to interact with outer world. Along this, young girls from the same family accompany the daughter- in- laws to build the confidence.  Motive behind   involving the daughter- in- law is also to remove traditional discrimination and violence.
Vocational training courses to develop value added skills among girls
There is needed to enable the girls to get economic means.

This will enable her socially as well as economically strong to defend against different social curses – then they will not be forced to getting married before 18 years or the chance of getting trapped by the exploiters will be lesser than before. Further their decision making power will be enhanced in the family and in future they will help to upgrade the situation of her family and her siblings.

Young girls are involved in getting vocational cum technical training to increase value added skills. Along with education, it’s required to get the girls involved in getting market- oriented skills for better future prospects. It is an attempt to strengthen girls to equip them through the up gradation of skills in different trade likes-

  • Computer Application
  • Mobile Repairing
  • Beautician Course
  • Screen Printing
  • Fashion designing

One Night Bride…. Documentary movie on girls trafficking
Special intervention