Breaking the Traditional boundaries and getting involved for higher education
“We are the first female in my family getting education. We are tirelessly fighting against the traditional mindset of the people, though it has not been easy.”

Education can become the tool for the girl/children to fight against poverty and violence Girl’s educations are not treated as priority level. If the girls are enrolled with schools they have not facility to take private tuition to increase their capacity due to poor economical situation or gender discrimination. Perception towards daughters as domestic hands and less priority make them deprived of regular education

There are number of girls who had to leave their study due to the family pressure.

This is an initiative to present the marginalized section girls as role model before the family and community through linking them with education as well as market-oriented vocational training for their better future prospects. Education develops the confidence level and vocational training courses develop the strength to get a life with dignity. Moreover when the girls can prove themselves before the community that does not take proper alimentation of the girls as an issue and does not even consider its importance, the orthodox and traditional cultures towards the daughters can then be removed from our society.


Such girls get monthly stipend to continue their study and to bear their education related costing. This support covers the beneficiaries below 18 years.


Monthly Stipend does not only help in minimizing drop outs but also in promoting girl education in the area where female literacy is not an issue. Getting monthly support girls get the confidence in going on their studies as per their choice and are able to bear the expenses related to travel, stationary, books, etc. Along this, girls are given of responsibilities to provide free education to minimum 5 poor children resulting into developing a chain for education and sense of social responsibility.


The girls/ children we support are selected by the community as being the most in need and we don’t just provide them with books or school fees. We help them throughout their development, from primary school years until adulthood. Our package allows a girl to get into school, do well academically, and maximize the value of her education after graduation.

Celebrating Attendance Award in local schools
It’s an approach to honor a child, giving especial concern to girls, upon their regular attendance in the school. It aims to increase the attention of a child towards education. This initiative makes effort on to work closely with local school system to strengthen the regular presentation of the children. Each month we celebrate the event where three children and their guardian get honor. It is also a kind of strengthening tracking system to regularly monitor the progress of a child in school.


One Night Bride…. Documentary movie on girls trafficking
Special intervention