Girl Voicing

Bhoomika Vihar is a community based grass root organization has actively been working in Bihar State for the promotion and protection of the rights and dignity of marginalized section adolescent girls. Bhoomika Vihar was formally registered in 1996 under the Societies Registration Act, 1860.

Bhoomika Vihar is a woman headed organization.  Most of the leadership positions are leaded by girls/women.  Victims, survival and vulnerable girls/women are performing actively their leadership position in bringing change especially for breaking the cycle of victimization for them and for other girls. We especially are working with marginalized section vulnerable girls as they are the 1st Generational Learners.

We believe – The girls are our present and future so there is need to involve them with the process of understanding, decision-making, responsibility and ownership. Any Investment in a girl child can reap multiple rewards in future.

Theory of Change of Bhoomika Vihar basically revolves around working with Adolescent girls with Triangle Approaches “Preventive- Curative- Advocacy.” This basically led to overall mainstreaming of adolescent girl at social, educational and economical level. Placing girls in leadership position at Preventive, Curative and Advocacy level, we actually are confronting the biased mindset and Creating Role Models as Chain of Change Makers. This led to motivate and inspire a life with respect and dignity, breaking the cycle of victimization and poverty. Children/girls in need of care and protection are getting involved with constructive approaches and multidisciplinary services for social and educational mainstreaming.

Bhoomika Vihar 3tier Approach-

Bhoomika  Vihar continues to play the role of a catalyst in empowering vulnerable and victims and   mobilizing marginalized communities, directly as well as through developing leadership and ownership at preventive, curative and advocacy level.

 3tier Approach primarily talks on equality and equity based intervention

Preventive Level – Offering life skill knowledge, value added courses, education and preventive measures to the vulnerable and high risk group to SPEAK OUT against violence.

Curative Level– Breaking the Cycle of Victimization by offering value added vocational skill and alternative livelihood opportunities to the survivals of violence are becoming easy target of child marriage and trafficking under the pretext of fake & forced marriage for cheap labor and sex slavery. It helps them regaining their lost dignity and respect within their own social boundaries.

Advocacy Level– Offering platform, capacity building and convergence with systems for vulnerable and survivals


We focus on Social and Behavioral Change Communication giving preference to Music and Folk Art as Therapy for bringing change to the traditional orthodox gender biased thinking and practice of community towards a girl.

Our Direct Reach Out

  • 1050 out of school or drop out children educationally mainstreamed through 21 Joyful learning centres
  • 1890 girls through forming 63 vibrant girl’s group on preventive measures
  • 290 girls are the 1st Generational Learners through getting back up education support
  • 20 girls are Ambassadors Girl on Rights and Protection
  • 76 girls are performing as “ Champion” on child protection
  • 60 Survivals of trafficking are now acting as local entrepreneur
  • 180 children of the survivals of trafficking are educationally mainstreamed
  • 400 young women are equipped with tailoring courses
  • 120 girls are equipped with Mehandi Designing
  • 30 girls are trained on Computer Skill
  • 30 girls are trained on beautician course
  • 220 Youth Cadre are trained on to speak out on gender- women- rights
  • 30 Gender Sensitive Youth Speakers are mobilized
  • 5000 gender Pledge signed
  • 3 Gender Cell are functioning
  • 21 vigilance committee are in place as “Community Based Support Structures”
  • 40 Community Safety Net are acting as “Watch Dog”

Single Initiative Can Bring “The Change”- “The Innovation”

Girls are present and future they need to be empowered, vocal and vital.   Appropriate platform is required where the adolescent girls would be able to share their feelings, ideas and other doubts altogether, freely and without hesitation.

Your any support can strengthen the cause for which we are committed in bringing positive and protective environment for marginalized section deprived adolescent girls. The eyes which had forgotten to dream in a state of frustration and helplessness and were living like living dead bodies or BURDEN, in the same eyes there would be a sparkle of hope and dream after getting one single initiative. The traditionally excepted mute learners “GIRL” will be united/inspired and will be performing as Activist in empowering others to prevent and respond to gender based violence through creating a chain of change makers for the promotion of gender equality.

One Night Bride…. Documentary movie on girls trafficking
Special intervention