Learning about Gender through Sports

It is an approach to mobilize the Youths especially boys as Agent of Change of Makers in breaking the stereotype regarding traditional orthodox gender biased behavior, thinking and practice towards gender; and transforming males from carrier of gender biased patriarchy culture to change makers. They take oath –
They would never marry a girl below 18 yrs old
• They would support their sister education
• They will take against domestic violence
• Will never get involved in eve teasing
• Will respect women

Mobilizing Girls

There is also a gender gap in sports participation as girls are not oriented enough towards sports and or other activities outside the domestic environment. Sports however has proved to build individual self esteem, confidence, keep people physically and psychologically fit and it will also help in building women’s capacity to prevent and respond to Gender Based Violence.

Mobilizing Boys/Men

Sports have been the space where boys/men can spontaneously be engaged for hours. This is basically an idea to break stereotype thinking/attitude/behavior towards gender through getting them involved with our campaign. Sports are becoming the tool or strategically we can introduce sports in rural or urban areas to get the boys/men involved. This also leads to end biased forms of masculinity, and to transform masculinity in positive and creative ways towards bringing dynamic social change in developing positive and protective environment for females.

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Special intervention