Mainstreaming and Leadership

Agent of Change Makers
This is a group formed by girls for the girls with the girls to collectively speak and raise voice for dignity and effort on for promotion and protection of rights. Each group nominates leaders who decide the function of the groups. Girls Rights Groups contribute in introducing the girls to their own world and recognition. The group brings ownership and sustainability to Girl- Centric Programs. The group helps in increasing the acceptance of the involvement of the girls, within the four walls or outsides. Empowering girls is only the way through which they can learn how to appropriate their rights and they can also serve their due responsibilities.

Through dynamic, conversation based lessons, running gender games like Rights Mapping Exercise, Emotion sharing Trees, and using folk art, it’s tried to remove fear of mind and hesitation among the girls

Convergence among the Girls
Monthly meetings are organized with the groups of the girls. The intend behind organizing the meetings is to develop the understanding level and decision making capacity of the girls while tackling issues related to marriage, health & hygiene, education, alimentation and basic rights.  Girls get orientation on the issues that directly affect their present and upcoming future such as threats of fake marriage, gullible talks of the local allies, identification of the exploiters, dimensions and changing pattern of violence, safe mobility, government welfare schemes, surrounding environment.
Developing girls as local leaders cum trainers through Life skill Orientation Training
Life skills are essentially those abilities that help promote mental well-being, decision making capacity and competence in young people as they face the realities of life. Life skills education is a participatory learning that aims to increase positive and adaptive behavior by assisting individuals to develop and practice psycho-social skills that minimize risk factors and maximize protective factors. Life Skills knowledge has been effective in strengthening girls’ negotiation skills on issues such as marriage. It helps the girls in understanding the importance & priority of the issues and taking appropriate decision related to basic rights, primary health care, personal health & hygienic practices.
Rights Mapping Game to eliminate gender discrimination
Concern endeavor is a kind of strategy to involve both the generation- daughter and parent. It is a process to involve girls and parents simultaneously at same platform.

It is kind of learning by doing method to identify the root elements of gender discrimination. Through interactive session the children especially the girls and parents try to identify the pretexts of neglect on the name of gender and traditional practices. A collection of 40 questions related to the current situation of gender discrimination are developed as game kit to make the interaction more interesting and fruitful. Through interactive sessions gender and traditional practices that create discrimination against girls and women have been identified. Discussions on the basis of developed questionnaires took place in order to change attitudes and behaviors in the community to reduce and eliminate gender discrimination.

Recreation through Cultural activities, sports and paintings
We try to connect the girl children to their own childhood that are not accessible for them due to traditional practices. Different type of extra curriculum activities such as sports, outdoor and indoor games and paintings are promoted. Folk songs on girls/child rights are becoming popular usually sang by the girls even during ceremonies taking place in community.
Especial Day awareness move in the village by girls/children
 Hundreds of girls jointly organizes awareness move on special occasions such as Republic Day, Independence Day, Children’s Day, Anti trafficking day, Gandhi Jyanti, Women’s Day, National & International Girl child day, World Environment Day, Anti Child Labor Day, International Anti Drug Addiction Day, World Nutrition Week, Children’s Day, World Human Rights Day, etc. Girls/ children prepare handmade posters, slogans and festoons to sensitize the community towards the rights and protection of girls/children.
Formation of Parents Association
Parents associations are formed to develop ownership to the girl’s focused activities. It’s an especial intervention to make the parents ready letting their daughters participate in program/event. Involvement of parents is really helpful in promoting the girl- centric programs
Exposure Visit of girls/children for outdoor interaction
To make the girls vocal and to break their hesitation, it is needed to let the girls aware to their surrounding environment and systems available in their areas. The girls get the opportunity to interact with local systems and village, block and district level representatives and officials of government and semi- government programs/schemes and PRI members.
Leadership Training to the girls
Advocacy & Community Skill is essential to move towards the mainstreaming. It’s a strategic process to make the girls Peer Leaders on crisis intervention. The motive is to increase their self confidence & Preventive Skills and information on rights and protection and in turn they will spread this information to other young people in their communities. Getting issues based information; girls are becoming able to tackle the situations appropriately, in every walks of their lives. Facing different situation, girls use their minds to take proper decision not only related to them but their family members, too.

Throughout different sessions involving experts, girls are taught the life skills & communication, leadership qualities, safe mobility, identification of threats & self defense, rights & duties, available systems & mechanisms and importance of giving back to their communities/ families through service projects. This experience shows girls the strength that comes from helping others.

Methodology Used:
  • Participatory
  • Group formation and presentation
  • Role play
  • Dialogue and argument
It is a learning process that involves the acquisition of knowledge, sharpening of skills, concepts or changing of attitudes and behaviors to promote girl’s participation

It’s an activity leading to skilled behavior resulting into preventive measures
– It’s not what you want in life, but it knows how to reach it
– It’s not where you want to go, but its knowing how to get there
– It’s not how high you want to rise, but its knowing how to take off

Celebrate the Girl Child
It’s a common phenomenon that people hesitate to celebrate the birthday of their daughters. Girls say that their parents do not have remembered the dates. Being well-wisher of each other, the girls jointly celebrate their existence and invite their parents and community people to attend the ceremony. Girls through songs and presentations try to make the parents feel the importance of daughters.

A Greeting Card is also been distributed by the girls’ team while the birth of baby girl in village.

Maike Center – Joyful Learning cum Community based Activity Centers   ( Maike is a folk word that means mother’s home. It sense the feeling of love, affection, childhood, protection and freedom}
Children are treated as burden instead of liability. They remain deprived of feeling their childhood. Maturity from the tender age fed them with ager and depression that leads misfortunes. Maikee centre is a place where such deprived children both girl and boy get opportunity to feel their childhood through games, word knowledge and some basic information on surroundings.

This is a platform who works for the mainstreaming of marginalized section children/girls with regular education and other community development programs. Cultural activities are the method to involve the girls/ children with the centers. The centers aim to minimize dropout rates and to increase the enrollment of girls/children in schools and maintain their presentation. This is a place where the girls receive counseling on personal health and hygienic practices, removing hesitation and fear of mind.

Maikee centres are also becoming the heart for orphan children. We try to make them laugh and talk freely that they had forgotten after losing their parents.

Maike Centres have their own unique routine

Time- table
Target groups
7:00 am to 10:00 am
3 to 6 years old children
Basic education
10:00 am to 2:00 pm
16 to 19 years old girls
Sewing, Cutting, Designing, painting, Music class
2:00 pm to 3:00 pm
8 to 18 years old girls
Joint meeting of the Girls/Women
3: 00 pm to 5:00 pm
Who pursuing class 8th to 10th
Matriculation preparation
One Night Bride…. Documentary movie on girls trafficking
Special intervention