Social Rehabilitation…..A Fight and Travel of Comeback

Social Rehabilitation…………A Fight and Travel of Comeback
What Makes this Concept Valuable?
Lack of desire to live found among the victims, negative attitude, behavior and practices adopted by community including family members towards victims, victims completely cut-off from day to day routine work, rituals and practices by their family and the community.   Mental trauma due to the victim’s past experiences, the community’s negative behavior towards the children of the  victims, victims often hate their own children because the children are considered a living symbol of the past lives of the victims, lack of affection and love shown towards their own children, considering victims who have returned home after fleeing from their in-laws a burden by family members  and pressure imposed on victims to return back to their in-;laws place quoting the traditional thought that a girl’s ` Doli (the carrier of the bride to her in-law’s place) once entering her –in-laws place, comes out of it only in her death Arthi(Used for carrying dead bodies), society does not  recognize its own irresponsible attitude  towards  victims, treatment of victims by the society, community, family members and even police as culprits,   element of mistrust in the victim due to repeated exploitation and she often fails to communicate her feelings to others because she does not trust them and views everyone with suspicion
Shelter Homes has been the sole option for the victims of trafficking or violence. As a result the victims became merely part of a shelter home and were included in statistics and data of projects. The victims were not given a chance to understand their liabilities and used to become liabilities themselves for shelter homes for the rest of their lives. They remained cut-off from the mainstream of the society and even if they were given an opportunity to relive their lives, they proved to be failures because of total lack of exposure towards the outside world.
Our approach is different and unique because we make the same community take the responsibility of her social security and safety, which due to negative attitudes had been responsible for the victim’s present plight. We are not confining the victim within the four walls of shelter homes. We are teaching her to fight back so that she regains the lost dignity and rights. This idea is unique because we have maintained that the birth of any problem is due to the society and community and the solutions to the problems must be found within the same society and community.
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