Vision, Mission, Ideology & Approach


“Sustainable development based on the harmony of livelihood for marginalized population particularly girls, women and children through social and economical empowerment, with attention to the true sense on people’s participation.”


“To facilitate to insure the process of formation of society excluding exploitation and violence and promote empowerment of oppressed sections of the society particularly among marginalized section girls, women and children, based upon the participation to bring effective and positive socio-economic changes through leadership & ownership.”

Approach:—Striving Community will have their own leadership
जिसकी लड़ाई उसका नेतृत्व

1. Triangle Approach to work directly with the victim and vulnerable and survivals of trafficking

2. Family Strengthening Approach

3. Transforming girls…… from Learners to Activist

One Night Bride…. Documentary movie on girls trafficking
Special intervention