Youth Intervention

Situational sensitivity and self defense capacity among the young generation

Social and financial scenarios are changing rapidly and so does the inclination of girls towards studies and multi dimensional opportunities. As well as a positive environment for them are being reconstructed and the girls are making full utilization of the opportunity. Girls are getting prospects to come out of their homes and contribute for the development of their family as well as the society. They are intended to work as pioneers of social change in all aspects of their life.  In such changing competitive world, youth and adolescent needs to know all basics of how to react and handle. Issues like- Friendship, boundary of relationships, safe mobility, identification of the threats/exploiters, social responsibility, Gender based issues, Self Defense; present and future commitments must be enshrined properly in the minds of the girls to avoid any misfortunes.  Thus such information will make the girl aware so that they don’t go astray and also does not become miscreants in the society and darken their as well as their family’s life. Such issues have really become a great challenge for them to handle it and protect themselves from it, as need required at situational basis.

Girls are started to step in the outside world, they are not aware as well as equipped enough to fight against the possible and unfamiliar threats. Usually the girls who do not have proper understanding are targeted by the touts. We train the girls to enhance their knowledge about the possible and unfamiliar threats, preventive measures and also on gender and rights.


Fostering coalition and network with the youths for gender equality


Youths are at the forefront of activism, demonstrating extraordinary zeal to address social issues. It’s a procedure to project the youths as Change makers through combining their potential energy and with the committed vision of the organization for social action and community mobilization.

Therefore, there is need to mobilize the youths with leadership & situational sensitivity in creating the positive and protective environment for girl child. Coalition with the young generation is becoming a tool to gather the mass of youths in a common platform acting individual responsibilities towards the rights and dignity of girls. Motivated girls & boys are engaged in promoting gender equality.

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Special intervention