Brief History of Organization

Bhoomika Vihar is a community based grass root organization has actively been working in Bihar State for the promotion and protection of the rights and dignity of marginalized section adolescent girls. Bhoomika Vihar was formally registered in 1996 under the Societies Registration Act, 1860.

Bhoomika Vihar is a woman headed organization.  Most of the leadership positions are leaded by girls/women.  Victims, survival and vulnerable girls/women are performing actively their leadership position in bringing change especially for breaking the cycle of victimization for them and for other girls. We especially are working with marginalized section vulnerable girls as they are the 1st Generational Learners.  Readmore.


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One Girl Alone
is Vulnerable

One Girl alone is vulnerable But Together they can co-operate each other in creating a safer environment for all the girls of the village and children, too.

Positive Award
to a Girl

Positive award to a girl will harvest multiple rewards and happiness in forthcoming future.

Ensures Participation and
Sense of Ownership

Program that involve target group and community at all stages ensures participation and sense of ownership.

Transitioning Young
People From Learners to Activists

While young people, particularly girls, are extremely vulnerable to violence/ trafficking, they can also be key agents in this fight. They can be very effective in transitioning young people from learners to activists!

Economical Independent
Lead a Dignified Life

Women, most of who are not economical independent, should be made aware of their rights so that they can protect themselves and their daughter’s rights to lead a dignified life.

Rights Feel it

Rights are not only the
reading materials,
it cannot be achieved
merely through reading,
Feel in it… Live in it… Enjoy in it…

Influence Action

Ideas Influence Action. And Unless and Until, the Old Conservatives Ideas Are Replaced Once The Problems cannot be solved.

to Girls/Women

Justice and opportunity to girls/women is one of the striking strategies to maintain healthy environment.

the Change

Replace Brooms with Books and Pens
Change will take Place

One Night Bride…. Documentary movie on girls trafficking
Special intervention